Fury vs Wilder 3 Build LIVE: Ring Walk Time CONFIRMED, fighter set to pre-fight press conference


Good morning fight fans

Tyson Fury believes he will be sad and lonely when he ends his boxing career.

The 33-year-old will face Deontay Wilder for the third time at the weekend and doesn’t know what he’ll replace boxing with when he hangs up his gloves.

Because he’s not fighting for money or fame, the Gypsy King claims he’s only in sports because he’s been selected.

Fury doesn’t feel like he’s going 100 percent into his trilogy fight with Wilder either, but while he’s not at his best, he assumes he’ll still get the job done that fight night.

Meanwhile, Wilder has claimed he feels like his retirement is also approaching.

The bronze bomber has only one anonymous person on his list to fight, then he is ready to turn his back on the sport.

Speaking to Last Stand Podcast, Wilder said, “I can feel that it’s coming, retirement. I’m looking for a champion, a face, a name.

“The sooner I get that, the sooner I can retire and get out of here.”

However, Wilder has yet to get past Fury, who believes he knows exactly how to stop the American on Saturday.

Eventually, Fury claimed he planned to drag Wilder into a dog fight first and then hide him.

And once he does, Wilder will never want to fight him again, Fury thinks.

He told Fox Sport Australia, “I will bring the fight to him and drag him into a dog fight and drown him in deep water.

“That’s exactly what I’ll do with him.

“I definitely expect a fight at a distance and I will definitely hide it well and beat it up really badly.

“He won’t want to fight me after that, I’ll put it that way. There won’t be a fourth fight.”


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