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GENESEO – The foggy weather didn’t dampen the mood of the people at the Genesee Valley Hunt Races on Saturday off Nations Road in Geneseo.

“I’ve always enjoyed it and it’s something we’ve always done,” said Steve Schiano.

The event has been held in Geneseo for more than 120 years and includes everything from dog racing to some of the best obstacle course trainers on the east coast.

“Our group loves horses, so we wanted to see the horse races and the dog races,” said Kristen O’Dell, a Geneseo resident.

More than $ 30,000 in prize money was distributed to the top winners. For some, the event has become an annual tradition.

“We’re here to celebrate the hunting races,” said Melissa Hughes of Geneseo. “It’s one of my favorite autumn events. It’s a nice way to move. “

It’s also an event that brings people from all over the world to Livingston County and beyond and helps boost the local economy.

“This is great because it attracts people from all over, so it’s not just people from the county, they’re people from Rochester and beyond,” said Louise Wadsworth, downtown coordinator for Livingston County’s Economic Development Office. “It’s a really unique event and nobody else does that around here.”

One of the highlights of the day was the Jack Russell Terrier races.

“They are great and a lot of fun,” said Laura Ellis from Holland, Erie County.

Jenni Coughlin brought her Jack Russell for Saturday’s competition from Cazenovia, Madison County.

“She’s ready. She’s been training hiking and swimming all summer,” said Coughlin. “We’ve never done that before. She chases balls and is super fast.”

In addition to the dog races, there was music, handicrafts and even some animals for the kids.

“I like the outdoors, the fresh air, all the animals and the good-natured people,” says Vince McKeown from Geneseo.

While some wandered around, others like Diane Camarda sat down, sipped champagne and enjoyed the company of their two friends.

“We’re horse people and we love the event,” said Camarda. “They have great salespeople, great people, and it’s pretty fun.”

A big part of the entertainment at the event was the elaborate tailgating that people had set up. For some it contained their finest cutlery and themed tables, some of which featured stuffed and mounted foxes.

“Our theme here is ‘Send the dogs,'” said Kim Chapple from Henrietta, at whose table one of the stuffed foxes was standing. “The fox is new this year. We have wine. “

There was no shortage of drinks at Jake Stevens’ tailgating party. That’s because he said the night before that he and his wife were preparing for the event.

“We have been coming here for a couple of years. We have friends and family coming out. We got here around 9am this morning, ”said Stevens.

Another early start was Therese Bouchard, who had traveled all the way from Webster but had an unexpected surprise while trying to park her car.

“It’s a little muddy and if you stop once, even though you have all-wheel drive, you won’t be going anywhere,” said Bouchard. “I’m just waiting for the tractor to come and pull me out.”

Bouchard wasn’t the only one having problems with the sodden floor.

“We were just waiting and it looks like a lot of trucks got stuck and we tried to shoot it and didn’t get as far as we thought,” said John Musser, who was there for the first time.

Phebe Quaranto from Geneseo also got stuck in the mud, and not for the first time.

“It’s a normal thing,” said Quaranto.

Park rangers who worked Saturday said some minds were flaring over the muddy conditions, but no serious problems were reported as people of all ages came out to celebrate one of the most unique events in the Genesee Valley.

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