Google Trends shows which breeds and pets are most searched for

Ever wondered which dog breeds are the most popular in Google searches? How about the most popular pet? With the help of Google Trends, we’ve learned some fascinating details about what people are looking for when it comes to dogs, pets, and even pet ownership.

So if you’ve always wondered which breeds are the most popular in each state, or which pets are generally the most searched for in each state, fear not because Google Trends has the answer! (And so do we, of course, because they sent them to us.)

Let’s start by going through the top dog breeds people are looking for and then we can dig deeper into all the other things people are looking for when it comes to pets and pet ownership. (And just in case you were wondering, this is one year’s data compiled between April 28, 2021 and April 27, 2022.)

Google Trends provides insight into what breeds and pets are being searched for


Google Trends shares top dog breeds in each state, pet data. Image courtesy of Google Trends

When it comes to dog breeds being searched on Google, the top four breeds are:

  • Bulldog (It appears that 24 states have been on the bulldog hunt with this search, making them the number one searched for dog breeds.)
  • Shiba Inu (14 states seemed to be looking for any information about these gorgeous dogs)
  • Labrador retrievers (10 states led this search)
  • German Shepherd (And then we have the final pup on this list, the German Shepherd, which topped the search in two states.)

And when it comes to our pets, and animals in general, some of the most searched “how-to’s” over the course of a year include these top 10 searches:

  1. How to pet a cat
  2. How to pet a dog
  3. mourn a pet
  4. How to get pet insurance
  5. How to deal with the loss of a pet
  6. How to become a pet groomer
  7. How to get the smell of animal urine out of the carpet
  8. How to remove animal stains from carpet
  9. How to fly with a dog
  10. How to make your pet an emotional support animal

So what else have we learned from Google Trends insights about what people are searching for? Well, how about the fact that dog information is searched 2.5 times more often than cat information in the United States, although cats are definitely highly searched? And apparently Alaska is the only state looking more for dog videos than cats.

Another big search that took place over the year revolved around finding the best pet cameras to watch our pets when we are not at home. And with more people returning to the office after bringing home a new companion at the start of the pandemic, it makes perfect sense. (The search for the best pet cam has more than doubled from previous years.)

But we want to know what you think of these searches. And have you done any of this research for yourself in the past year? What breed of dog are you looking for when it comes to learning all those things? And are you a cat video or a dog video person?

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