Governor Abbott vetoed the Animal Cruelty Act


WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) – Texoma animal experts and janitors discuss a bill that Texas Governor Abbott vetoed this week.

“It took years to work on this bill. Law enforcement officers, sheriff associations and animal welfare officials have all supported this bill. So it’s an understatement to say we were devastated, ”said Jan Herzog, coordinator of the PETS Underdog Express program.

The law would have prohibited dog owners from leaving a dog outside while it was being restrained unless the owner could provide adequate shelter, water and shade.

It also used language to specify exactly how tight collars should be and stated that owners couldn’t use a chain to hold a dog in place.

“There was a question as to whether the dogs got water. So it could be green, covered with moss or slime and have bugs in it, but if it’s water, it’s water, ”said Herzog.

Make these restrictions enforceable and facilitate the conviction of negligent owners.

“As required by law now, law enforcement agencies have to give 24 hours notice and then come back. So most people know that 24 hours is enough time for a dog to die, ”said Herzog.

Herzog is a representative of the Texas Humane Legislative Network, a state group that helped draft the bill.

“Our people were in contact with the governor’s office throughout the meeting and there was ample opportunity for the governor to come up and say, ‘I have a problem with this or that,’ we never heard anything,” said Herzog .

The governor said he passed the bill because Texas already has an animal cruelty law in place. In a statement, the governor said this new bill would be micromanaging for owners.

So they tried to rewrite it because places like the county that have no ordinances like us here in town and are able to be stricter are really affecting them, ”said Nicki Bacon, administrator of Wichita Falls Animal Services .

Nicki Bacon said they continue to see tons of animal cruelty incidents and they have created a special system that residents can call and report neglect or cruelty they see on animals.

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