Great Dane is struggling to find a home big enough to house him


A Great Dane seems to have difficulty finding a new home because of its size.

Described as “a great beauty”, 18-month-old Humphrey was accepted as a stray by Manchester Dogs Home in 2021, where he’s been waiting for his second chance at happiness ever since.

The organization is now actively looking for his new home, but is facing hurdles as its future owners will already need experience of living with a large breed – and a space large enough to accommodate him.

Great Danes are one of the largest breeds of dogs in the world and can weigh up to 175 pounds with a shoulder height of 32 inches.

Humphrey is described as “a very tasty boy” (Image: Dogs Trust Manchester)

They are commonly known for their light-hearted temperaments, often referred to as “gentle giants,” but even the calmest specimens in the breed can have unique demands because of their size.

Humphrey is a Great Dane crossbred, but he has still grown to impressive sizes since he is fully grown.

In a post on the Dogs Trust website, the charity said, “Humphrey is happiest when he wrestles with his canine friends.

“He’s a very gourmet boy and makes a nice sit and paw for some goodies, and at this point he loves to smear all of his gossip on you! He also loves a bum scratch and a good pose. “

Humphrey needs a quiet, adults-only home with a private and secure yard so he can blow off steam and stretch his big legs.

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Although he has many four-legged friends, he has to be the only pet in the house.

Because of his nervous disposition, he needs access to quiet areas to walk without the stress of heavy traffic or pedestrian traffic.

He is currently muzzled and on a leash in public areas, a practice Dogs Trust recommends continues.

However, he is a happy, loving dog who loves attention and is a great asset to the right owners.

He loves wrestling with his canine friends and getting lots of goodies (Image: Dogs Trust Manchester)
He loves wrestling with his canine friends and getting lots of goodies (Image: Dogs Trust Manchester)

Carol Margieson, assistant manager at Dogs Trust Manchester, said Team dogs : “Humphrey is an absolutely adorable boy. He loves to play with his dogs when he’s out, but we would love for him to find a forever home where he’s the only dog ​​so he can soak up all the love.

“He’s a real foodie, which means that when you’re exercising you have your full attention when there’s a tasty treat, and he loves to shake a paw – and it’s a big paw to shake!”

To learn more about Humphrey, follow the link Here.


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