Hochul signs law preventing home insurance from discriminating against dog breeds


ALBANY, NY – Home insurance companies are no longer able to refuse or cancel coverage in New York based on the breed of the homeowner’s dog.

On Saturday, Governor Kathy Hochul signed a law prohibiting insurers from canceling or refusing insurance because they believe the type of dog poses a higher liability risk. The bill also prevents insurance companies from charging higher premiums for certain policies depending on the breed of dog.

“Having a pet is a blessing and we owe it to the animals of New York to keep them safe and healthy,” said Hochul. “Dogs of all breeds deserve a loving home and no one should fear losing their insurance coverage because of their own dog.

The top dog breeds restricted by insurance companies are Dobermans, Pitbulls, and Rottweilers.

Hochul also signed a second law on the protection of animals, which obliges veterinarians to report suspected cruelty to the relevant authorities. The law also allows veterinarians to keep reports confidential and keep records or reported incidents.


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