How big and heavy are the largest breeds of dogs?


Big Dog Britain, which recently aired on Channel 4, featured some of the largest breeds of dogs, including Irish Wolfhounds, Great Danes, Newfoundlands and St. Bernard dogs.

How big and heavy are these breeds, and how do they compare to a dog at the other end of the scale?

According to Guinness World Records, the largest dog ever was a Great Dane named Zeus who lived in Michigan, USA. He measured 44 inches (111.8 cm) from foot to withers (the area over the shoulder) in 2011. This is the standard measure for dog size.

On average, however, the Irish Wolfhound is considered the largest breed of dog, typically measuring 30 to 35 inches (76 to 89 cm) from foot to withers – with males being larger than females. They typically weigh 47 to 54 kg (up to 8st 7 lb).

A Great Dane and a Chihuahua

Great Danes typically have a standing height of about 112 cm (44 inches), while males have a shoulder height of 76 to 81 cm (30 to 32 inches). On average, they weigh 50 to 79 kg.

Saint Bernard dogs aren’t that tall, usually measuring 66 to 76 cm (26 to 30 inches), but on average they weigh 63 to 83 kg (up to 13st 1lb).

But if you think that’s tough for a dog, a typical male English mastiff – who can grow up to 36 inches (91 cm) – weighs a whopping 68 to 113 kg.

Guinness World Records no longer monitors individual heaviest pets, but in 1989 an English mastiff named Zorba weighed a whopping 150 pounds. Zorba was standing 94 cm (37 in) on the shoulder.

In contrast, the average Chihuahua is 15 to 23 cm tall and weighs 1 to 4 kg.

That means an Irish Wolfhound is four to six times larger than a Chihuahua and about 25 times as heavy … but the average male English Mastiff weighs about 36 Chihuahuas!

Big Dog Britain is available on all 4.


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