How Off Leash K9 Phoenix is ​​changing lives and experiences in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, Arizona: Off Leash K9 Phoenix offers world-renowned obedience dog training with an impeccable success rate. Full training guarantees 100% obedient, free-roaming and distraction-proof dogs with characteristics similar to police, military and service dogs. The center has released several before and after videos to show the transformations observed in the dogs. The veteran-owned facility has partnered with OLKS Academy and Canine Good Citizen to improve service delivery. Because of her rock-solid reputation, Off Leash K9 Phoenix was recruited as a Certified Appraiser for Therapy Pets Unlimited.

The premier dog training facility operates more than 130 stations across the United States and is recognized as the fastest growing dog training company in the world. All of their dog training programs, including private lessons, dog behavior counseling and dog owner training, are carefully organized to achieve the highest level of obedience regardless of the dog’s size, age, breed or shape. Kelli Zitelberger is the company’s spokeswoman.

At Off Leash K9 Phoenix, dog owners have access to a proven dog training technique that works. The techniques used aim to improve the life and experience of the dog and its owner. After training many shelter and military dogs, dog trainers have what it takes to get the results they want. Born in Westampton, NJ, Denise Bozenski is the facility’s Director and Head Coach. She has a BA in Communications and has extensive experience training all dogs from English Mastiffs to Chihuahuas.

Off-Leash K9 Phoenix Comprehensive Dog Training covers all aspects of training needed to mold the dog into the desired pet. Basic Obedience Training includes four private lessons that cover Basic Obedience and Distraction Training, while Advanced Obedience emphasizes Advanced Commands and Distraction Training. Her hugely popular plank and pull program lasts two weeks and includes advanced off-leash obedience and guaranteed behavior change. The Puppy Counseling Program provides a perfect introduction to obedience training, socialization, cage training and pack structure. Dog owners are invited to visit Off Leash K9 Phoenix to learn more about the programs.

The dog training center‘s success can be traced back to its founder, Nick White, a former US Marine and US Secret Service agent. Much has been said about him in reputable magazines, TV shows and YouTube, where hundreds of transformation videos are posted. The center also enjoys 5-star reviews on Google.

To speak to the Off Leash K9 Phoenix dog trainers, call (888) 413-0896 or visit them in Phoenix, Arizona, 85001, USA. The dog trainers are very confident in the training system and offer a free lesson to anyone who is dissatisfied. Facility serves Scottsdale, Tempe, Sun City, Surprise, Tolleson, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, AZ.

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