How to beat the heat when scorching days descend on Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Clark County has established several cooling stations around the valley that are free to anyone looking for some relief.

These places can be community centers, libraries, and senior centers. People can cool off inside and get some water as the risk of extreme heat can be dangerous.

Medical experts said that fatigue, dizziness and vomiting are some of the symptoms to look out for.

One resident told 8 News Now that sometimes it can be fun to keep your cool.

“Mostly the pool, splash guards when we can and we carry spray bottles around to cool each other down. We have fights with spray bottles and squirt guns,” said resident Jennifer Schoongans.

Some of the benefits of visiting cooling stations like Desert Breeze Recreation Center are all of the amenities they offer. Desert Breeze features an exercise room, classrooms and meeting rooms.

Indoor workouts can be great for beating the heat with indoor volleyball, basketball, and even line dancing on-site. There are also plenty of options around the valley if you want to cool off.

Community Ambulance’s Glen Simpson said the extreme heat could not be ignored. Although he said 911 calls drop during the summer season because many families go on vacation, this is a great reminder that we live in the desert.

When warnings of excessive heat are issued, their staff are on hand to help in an emergency. Many calls come from tourists unaccustomed to the heat.

Simpson said hydration, rest and minimal time outdoors are key to beating the extreme heat.

“A good reminder for anyone who lives here and trains in the elements: wear loose clothing, bright colors and stay hydrated. If you see someone suffering from the heat, get them out of that environment,” he said.

Medical experts have said that fatigue, dizziness and vomiting are some of the symptoms to look out for. According to the National Weather Service, heat is one of the leading weather-related killers in the country, resulting in hundreds of deaths each year.

dr Ketan Patel, associate medical director of the University Hospital Emergency Department, said heat can be dangerous and that signs of heat exhaustion should not be ignored. As soon as you start experiencing symptoms, move to a cool place.

“Once they get out of the heat and cool down, most of these things go away. If you let that happen, it can really cause heat stroke and other diseases, and it can even be fatal for some people,” he said.

Medical experts also recommend keeping an eye on seniors and children on hot days, and not forgetting your pets.

8 News Now also spoke to some dog owners on Wednesday, who said the early morning and evening hours are the best times to take them outside because the ground isn’t too hot for their paws.

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