How to identify fraudulent loans

How to identify fraudulent loans

Before choosing credits for companies it is important that you be careful and choose calmly. Take your time, look for different options and make sure your company is in the best moment for financing. Below we share some tips that will help you make the best decision and avoid possible fraud.

To avoid fraud, the first thing you have to do is:To avoid fraud, the first thing you have to do is:

# 1 Compare different credit options for companies

Do not go for the first one you find without first checking other options. Remember that the most “attractive” offers are the ones that can be deceptive.

# 2 Check what they say about the financial institution in social networks

The image of the company must be reflected in its official site. As has a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Take into account that social networks are updated and check that you have good opinions from other customers.

# 3 Make sure it’s regulated

Before applying for credits for companies, check their certifications and regulations. , through the portal, provides corporate and general information on financial institutions. This way you can ensure the veracity of the information presented by the institution. When searching, remember that the commercial name is not always with which they are registered before.

# 4 Know the contact information

Check that the office of the institution is not clandestine. If the option you are interested in is online, check if the lender company has an address with offices.

The indicators that will tell you if a credit is fraudulent

The indicators that will tell you if a credit is fraudulent

# 1 They do not check your credit history

The companies that dedicate to grant credits for companies necessarily are going to investigate your credit history. With this they will be able to corroborate that you are really going to be able to pay your credit. In we evaluate your credit bureau to offer you better conditions in your loan.

# 2 It charges you money before knowing if your credit will be granted

The moment you ask for money without even asking for your information, you can begin to suspect that something is not right. The lenders do not have to ask for an initial deposit without having approved your credit application

# 3 They do not ask for your business information

If they only ask for your name and give you an account number to make the deposits there, surely it is not a serious institution. To carry out the loan process the company needs some requirements to do everything legally.

We, for example, ask you for some information such as: official identification, proof of address.

Take care of the credits for fraudulent companies, do not be fooled and take all the previous precautions to protect the money of your business. If you are looking for business loans remember that is a good online credit option.

Theresa Buckner