Illinois Animal Shelter has dangerous capacity numbers

Unfortunately, hitting critical capacity numbers for animal shelters across America is nothing new, but one Illinois shelter has issued a desperate appeal to adopters precisely because of its “dangerously full” cages.

Winnebago County Animal Services in Rockford Reaches ‘Maximum Critical Capacity’

As a die-hard animal lover, it always breaks my heart to think of cute, lonely animals caged in a shelter. Yes, shelters do their best to keep the animals busy, entertained, and loved, but at the end of the day, they still sleep in a cage all by themselves. These animals wait days, weeks, and sometimes months for a family to choose them, and now the canine situation Winnebago County Animal Services is almost out of control.

What do I mean “out of control”? I mean the shelter staff have to put two dogs in a cage together just so they have a place to sleep and that is a very dangerous situation for some dogs.

If you’re wondering why only 33 of the 80 dogs currently housed at Winnebago County Animal Services are available for adoption, I’m assuming the other 47 are in free float or waiting to be put up for adoption.

I hope you understand what I mean here; More animals arrive at the shelter every day, and if they don’t have space to house them, they can’t help them. We can not permit that. PLEASE consider adopting one of the beautiful dogs pictured above. You can read more about each dog and complete an adoption application now at

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