I’m a vet – the dog accessories we all hate are dangerous for a number of reasons

According to a veterinarian, YOUR dog could seriously go without an accessory as it is dangerous.

It can harm you and your furry friend, and even cause others to get hurt, says Dr. Katrina Warren.


dr Katrina Warren shared a dog accessory she doesn’t recommend (stock photo)Photo credit: Getty
It can harm you and your dog


It can harm you and your dogCredit: TikTok/drkatrinawarren

“Animal and dog trainers tend to hate retractable devices [leashes]. And here are my reasons why,” began Dr. Warren in a social media video.

“First, you’re not teaching your puppy or dog to walk well on it [leash].

“You may feel like you’re giving them some freedom, but you’re teaching them to pull their feet [leash] it’s actually okay.”

Her next reason was security related.

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She said: “[Retractable leashes are] really dangerous. It’s very easy to get tangled in and most of them have a nylon cord that can easily cause deep cuts and lacerations if you get caught in it, like a rope burn.

“They also allow your dog to get into danger. So if you’re not fast enough, your dog could build on it [leash] and run into a street. There are many examples of dogs being hit by cars.”

dr Warren explained that you could also injure your dog’s neck.

For example, if your dog runs to the end of the leash, but then the leash suddenly stops, your dog could jump backwards and seriously injure himself.

“After all, they can be extremely stressful for other dogs and their owners, especially when someone is walking an active dog,” she concluded.

Many people supported Dr. Warren’s advice in the video’s comments, some saying if used properly, retractable lines shouldn’t be a problem.

“One hundred percent with you! Makes those friendly ‘hellos’ a muddled mess,” one person wrote.

dr Warren replied, “Nightmare! And since [are] many tales of men losing fingers and dogs losing their tails when the cord cuts!”

Someone else who didn’t see too much of a problem with retractable lines said, “I’ve been using them for 20+ years and never a problem. However, my dogs are well behaved and I live out of town.”

Another user shared that unfortunately he was hurt by one.

They wrote: “Just behind my knees they were slashed open by one of them. Couldn’t walk while they were healing, such pain.”

Another person chimed in: “Yes, I work in a pet shop and I try to talk people out of it, but some people just don’t listen.”

Others shared unfortunate stories of hurting themselves or their dogs.

“Retractable [leash] is the reason I got bitten by a reactive dog. [The] Owner unlocked it before we were far enough away – [the] Dog attacked my legs. Need surgery,” wrote one.

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“My dogs were attacked by some dogs on a retractable vehicle [leash] because it tore,” said a second.

A final person suggested: “If you use it properly and focus on your dog and the walk – no problems. Happy dog, happy owner. Handle the situation responsibly and no problems.”

Retractable leashes can cause injuries to your dog's neck


Retractable leashes can cause injuries to your dog’s neckCredit: TikTok/drkatrinawarren

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