Labrador Demand Rises After Movie Release, Experts Call Trend ‘Unhealthy’ | India News

MANGALURU: With the release of the heartwarming film 777 Charlie, the city is seeing a sudden surge in demand for Labrador dogs. Mangaluru City Police recently named their newest canine recruit charlie. The film had left Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai also in tears when he was reminded of his recently deceased dog. Prices for the breed have risen from around Rs. 9,000 to Rs. 12,000-13,000 for a male.
Animal activist and founder of Mr Rescuer Tauseef Ahmed regretted that the film had the opposite effect and that demand for Labrador puppies skyrocketed after ‘777 Charlie’ hit theaters. “The purpose of the film is lost when people go out and buy puppies from unethical breeders. We have received information that breeders are receiving several requests specifically for Labradors. If puppies are not available locally, they are transported from other cities in inhumane conditions,” he said.
Callen D’Souza from Boo Waggy kennel said demand for Labradors is sure to increase after the film’s release. The price is around Rs 12,000-13,000 for a male Labrador and Rs 8,000 for a female.
Swaroop Shetty from Pets and paws said people are definitely in an emotional zone after watching the film, but it could take some time to determine the true demand for Labradors in the city. He said there was a similar demand for pugs when an advert featuring the breed years ago and it became a hit. “People have rushed to buy pets during lockdown. When the situation returned to normal and office work resumed, many people gave up on the puppies,” he said.
dr Yashaswi Naravi, a veterinarian, Little Paws Mangaloresaid it’s too early to determine demand, but an increase in demand could lead to an increase in inbreeding, which in turn could lead to congenital defects in dogs, he added.

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