Lady Gaga’s dog walker Ryan Fischer launches GoFundMe after traumatic shootout


Little monsters everywhere were in an uproar after Lady Gaga’s dogs were stolen in February. The pop star’s dog handler, Ryan Fischer, was shot in the chest while walking the three precious puppies. The dogappers took two of the three pets, Koji and Gustav, and left the third, Asia, with Fischer, who was bleeding on the floor.

Now Fischer has launched a GoFundMe page and says he feels it “abandoned and unsupported.” What has happened since the shooting and why doesn’t Lady Gaga help the hero of her dogs?

Lady Gaga at LAX 2015 | GVK / Bauer-Griffin / GC Images

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Lady Gaga offered a reward of $ 500,000 for the safe return of her two stolen dogs

One of the reasons it is surprising that Lady Gaga’s handler should ask for donations is because at the time of the doggie she offered a generous financial reward. After her dogs were abducted, Gaga immediately went public and offered $ 500,000 for the return of her two French Bulldogs.

The dogs were returned unharmed days later by a woman who claimed she found them tied to a pole. It is unclear whether Gaga gave the woman the promised reward or not.

Lady Gaga in a white crop top and denim shorts is walking a black dog.
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Lady Gaga said she would pay Ryan Fischer’s medical bills

The singer thanked Fischer in an Instagram post with the words: “I still love you, Ryan Fischer, you risked your life to fight for our family. You are forever a hero. “

Gaga also offered to pay Fischer’s medical bills, which came to nearly $ 10,000. Little Monsters found that Fischer’s bills were paler compared to the amount Gaga offered as a reward for their dogs’ return.

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Ryan Fischer started a GoFundMe

Since the ordeal Fischer has started a GoFundMe to raise $ 40,000. He’s currently raised just over $ 30,000 for his goal.

The purpose of the funding, according to Fischer’s GoFundMe page, is “to get a van and explore this country while looking for communities to support the process of growing up out of trauma. For me, this includes retreat centers, trauma programs, queer healers, creatives and spiritual leaders. “

It appears that Fischer is working or will no longer work as Gaga’s dog walker. He is planning a sabbatical to strengthen his “emotional and mental healthâ€.

Lady Gaga in an oversized pink shirt and a curly black wig with a black dog.
Lady Gaga at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Berlin, Germany | Chad Buchanan / GC Images

Little Monsters want to know why Lady Gaga doesn’t support Fischer

Little monsters everywhere are wondering why Fischer had to solicit donations from the public when he risked his life for their dogs. After all, the singer and actress offered a generous reward for the return of their pups. She can certainly afford to help her co-worker, whose life was endangered by the dognapping.

On his GoFundMe page, Fischer said: “Without a vehicle or apartment and since I ran out of savings and I survived on donations from generous loved ones, I humbly ask for your help. It’s not an easy question to ask, but I’ve started to see that sharing your vulnerability with others begins right when radical changes occur for everyone involved. “

Donors have expressed their outrage towards Gaga in the comments on Fischer’s GoFundMe page.

One user commented, “I bet a lot of the people who make the donations live from paycheck to paycheck. Interesting that these are the people who go out of their way to help someone in a crisis. It is just unscrupulous that the owner who HAS HER DOGS BACK is practically neglecting the needs of her former dog handlers. He needs and DESERVES help. Not to mention a very GENEROUS reward for trying to prevent YOUR pets from being stolen. Perhaps she could forego buying a pair of shoes this week and do the right thing. She has the money, but was probably absent on the day that compassion was distributed. “

One user said: “If someone risks their life for my animals, I would give them anything they want. You could have been killed. I gave what I could. I don’t have 400 million $$$, but that interests me. “

Another user wrote: “Lady G has left you and the Keystone people. Sorry. Feel better.”


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