List of four-legged fighters in the Indian Army

During the pandemic, some native breeds such as the Jaya, Casper and Mani remained India’s premier military dogs, supporting the country’s Covid-19 frontline team. The dogs were trained to detect the coronavirus using human urine and sweat samples.

For better or for worse, dogs and humans have an inseparable bond that cannot be described in words. As guards, family members, or hunting partners, dogs can worship and help fight the enemy.

Today, dogs serve in various military installations around the world. Despite so many technological advances in the modern military, there are still some jobs that are best performed by well-trained soldier dogs, with their excellent sense of smell and hearing.

Brave, talented, alert and clever Indian Army dogs are second to none. Many army dogs are currently used to counter mutiny areas. Others provide security for VIPs and guard strategic defenses. Many canine units have excelled in a large number of operational missions, earning awards for bravery such as Shaurya Chakras, Sena Medals, and Army Chief of Staff Recognition.

Here are five famous Indian Army dog ​​breeds:

1. Great Swiss Mountain

A loyal and strong member of the Indian Army, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is sometimes confused with the Bernese.

The average Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is thought to have great bone strength while still retaining high ability. These are sociable and friendly and can adapt to families. The Indian Army uses this dog in higher stances to locate weapons and locate dangerous terrorists

2. German shepherd

Originally developed by a German Army officer to be used specifically as a military working dog, the German Shepherd remains one of the most popular military breeds and the Indian Army’s adoption of this dog is a good choice. Because of their intelligence and quick learning abilities, they are preferred for a number of jobs around the world in the military, helping disabled people, search, rescue, assist the police and the military.

3. Labrador

The cute Labrador is another breed that can keep a cool head while everyone around them is losing their heads. Their amazing sense of smell makes them the perfect canine soldier for detecting explosives. The Indian Army uses this dog as it is a breed known to be very social and friendly. These dogs are extremely loyal to their owners. The Indian Army uses the canine unit to perform crucial tasks in tracking, guarding, mine detection, explosive detection, infantry patrol and rescue operations.

4. Bacharwal

Found in northern India, the Bakharwal Hound, also known as the Gaddi Kutta or Tibetan Mastiff, is an ancient working dog breed from the Pir Panjal range. It has been cultivated by the Bakharwal and Gujjar tribes for centuries. This strain is also found in Pakistan and Afghanistan. However, their numbers are declining and the strains that breed them have now appealed for them to be placed on the endangered species list. The Indian Army trains this Ladakhi breed for various operational roles.

5. Belgian Malinois

This is the favorite breed of armed forces around the world. Belgian Malinois are famous for their exceptional agility, clever wits, incredible strength and attacking abilities. This breed carries several stars on their shoulders. In 2011, this unique breed was involved in Operation Osama Bin Laden and in 2019, they chased ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi through a murky and treacherous passage in Syria. Because of their tiny form, these dogs are great for skydiving and fast rappelling from airplanes. For the same reasons, the Indian Army also has this dog in the canine unit.

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