Married at First Sight UK 2021

MAFS ‘Amy to be “Millionaire Next Year”

Amy Christophers of MARRIED at First Sight is well on her way to becoming a millionaire next year – after being bombarded with TV deals and fashion deals.

The former glamor model, 34, was the focus of the series’ most dramatic episodes after marrying Joshua Christie, 26, shortly after meeting them.

Despite her rollercoaster relationship and “” “Amy’s fiery exchanges with co-stars at the dinner table, her honest struggle for happiness in love has made her a crowd favorite.

“Amy was one of the biggest stars of Married at First Sight that year,” a source told The Sun.

“Although she has already experienced a lot of drama, she has not shied away from showing her vulnerable side, which has made the audience sympathetic. But since she got into reality TV, it has massively increased her notoriety.

“She’s being bombarded by sports brands who think she’s the perfect role model, showing that you can have beauty and intelligence and still be athletic. That means Amy is now well on her way to making a fortune with branded businesses and Instagram sponsorships that will make her a millionaire next year. “

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