Measures against the removal of loan registration

Measures against the removal of loan registration

The Bureau Credit Registration (BKR) is taking steps against companies that claim that they can remove a credit registration at the BKR for a certain amount. Consumers unjustly pay a lot of money to companies that claim to be able to arrange this. The BKR therefore wants to protect consumers with these measures .

Stricter supervision of lenders

It recently became clear that lenders are being put under pressure legally and in other ways to remove legitimate credit registers. The consumer also suffers from this. Lenders can therefore no longer provide loans or credits to reliable information. As a result, the consumer can get into trouble in the future because they will no longer be able to repay the loans and / or loans. The BKR will therefore look more strictly at changes in the registration and will stop collaborations with parties that claim to be able to delete registrations. In addition, credit providers will have to explain and substantiate changes to the registration in writing.

What does this mean for you?

Do you currently have a registration with the BKR for example due to a late payment? Then this will not just be able to be removed. This can only be done by the foundation itself or after clear substantiation of the lender. As a result, you will not face unexpected problems in the future.

If you do not agree with your registration in the BKR, you can contact your current lender. If you do not come together, we advise you to go to an independent disputes committee.

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