Meet Pirate the Pit Bull, a lovable service dog who helps change stereotypes about bully breeds


When mother dog Asha Leo opened an Instagram account for her dog, Pirate the Pit Bull, it was mainly a way to share photos with friends and family. Little did Leo know that the account would have such a large following (over 98,000 Instagram followers to date) – but Pirate’s goofy, adventurous, and contagious nature earned him fans all over the world. And now Leo is using the account’s popularity to advocate for Pit Bull and Bully breeds.

“I think my main focus on Pirates’ Instagram is to highlight the misunderstood bully breeds and pit bull dogs,” says Leo Daily Paws. “They are lovable and sweet and just amazing little dogs who really should be given a chance to live as part of a loving home.”

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Leo uses Pirate’s Instagram account to showcase how smart, trainable, loyal, and athletic Pit Bulls are, and to raise awareness of race-specific laws that allow Pit Bulls throughout buildings, cities, and even countries. Pictures and videos on the account highlight the pirate’s cheerful, fun-loving personality, many adventures, and growing list of American Kennel Club training certifications.

“In my opinion, a well-trained dog is the best advocate for pit bull dogs,” says Leo. “I love the incredulous look on people’s faces when I tell them my pit bull regularly competes in agility, nose work and rallies.”

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Leo rescued the now three-year-old pirate from an LA shelter when he was only seven months old. Pirate was adopted as a mission-tested assistance dog for Leo, a sexual assault survivor who says she now struggles with depression and constant anxiety when traveling to work alone.

“He was an absolute gift in my life,” says Leo. “I’ve learned that by caring for another being, I’ve had the opportunity to learn how to take care of myself … he’s by my side, he’s loyal, and I know he’s behind me.”


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