Meet the dog whose death caused rioting in Britain in the early 19th century


In early 1900 Almost 120 years ago, the terrible death of a small dog caused a great stir in Britain. To this day, it is still one of the greatest controversies recorded and caused the greatest outrage.

This little-known piece of history is called the Brown dog affair and includes a stray terrier and how he died.

The story started with public vivisection was carried out in early 1900 by a renowned physiologist on a small stray dog. The dog had been previously experimented with and believed by those involved that it had not been properly anesthetized.

Several animal-loving societies got together and put the story to the test. Horror across the country.

Animal cruelty proceedings were initiated against those involved, but this was eventually dropped, causing further outrage. This outrage led to a statue erected in honor of the dog.

After repeated attacks on the statue by medical students, the statue was finally stolen that night and never seen again.

There are now a campaign begin to have a new statue erected in honor of the dog. A 3D image of the original statue was created based on an old photo. And the campaign intends to place the statue where the original once stood.

This is a powerful story that shows how far back animal cruelty goes and how long people have tried to fight it.

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