MI County Will Forensic Examination Of An Election Server, Why?


Many people who want to see integrity restored in our elections have asked someone to do a “forensic review” of the systems and the actual ballots. Will Macomb County clerk Anthony Forlini be the one to bring us one?

That is an unanswered question.

The Detroit News reports that Forlini plans to hire a “cyber security firm to conduct a forensic review of the county’s election server.” In a statement, Mr. Forlini wrote that the purpose was to “restore the confidence of our electoral processes in Macomb County”.

In that statement he continued:

“I can’t say for sure whether we’ll find anything from the past or not, but I can say that Macomb will lead the state in the future on electoral integrity … and will change as laws and technology change.”

Sounds good, but the following questions remain unanswered:

How does he define a “forensic audit”? Here is a good definition of a “forensic audit”. Is what he means, anything but incomplete and certainly not a “forensic examination”.

When he talks about servers, what does that mean?

What about their actual voting machines, will they audit them?

Will they audit all or just one?

Will they check the ballot papers and electoral rolls?

Who will be the cybersecurity company they would like to commission to conduct this audit?

Why didn’t the Detroit News reporter ask that question?

I think I know why because I hear that the company is called Pro V&V. According to reports, Pro V&V has ties to Dominion Voting Systems and has had a pre-existing relationship with Dominion that goes back years. Yes, this Dominion voting system.

If they don’t run all of the machines, why are they running anything? It is also very important that this “forensic audit†is 100% transparent and open to third party observation of all data recorded by the machines.

Could Mr. Forlini request this “forensic audit†to take some pressure off himself?

A wise man once told me that the only thing worse than doing nothing is doing something to prevent others from doing something.

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