Michigan man drowns with a $ 45,000 lottery ticket in his wallet


Gregory Jarvis

Funeral service family fischer Gregory Jarvis

A Michigan man who hit a $ 45,000 jackpot died with the winning lottery ticket in his wallet, according to police.

Gregory Jarvis, 57, was found dead Friday next to his boat on a private beach in Saginaw Bay, Caseville Police Chief Kyle Romzek told local news channel WJRT-TV.

“We assume that he moored his boat, slipped and fell, hit his head and landed there in the water. No suspicion of a foul,” said Romzek.

An autopsy also reportedly confirmed that Jarvis had drowned and sustained injuries related to hitting his head on a boat.

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Jarvis was at the Blue Water Inn in Caseville on Sept. 13 when he found out he had won $ 45,000 from The Jack at Club Keno, the jackpot on a Michigan Lottery game, according to bar owner Dawn Talaski.

“He couldn’t redeem it because he didn’t have a social security card at all, it wasn’t good, so he applied for a new one,” Talaski told WJRT-TV.

While waiting for a new Social Security ID, Jarvis returned to the bar on Sept. 19 to buy drinks for the people, Talaski said. That was the last time she saw him.

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According to the Michigan Lottery website, winners must present the original winning ticket, unexpired photo ID, and original Social Security card in order to receive a prize over $ 600.

Romzek said investigators were “concerned” at first when they learned that Jarvis was in possession of a lottery ticket at the time of his death, but “after the autopsy and questioning people in the bar, he was very popular here,” he was a nice guy, that took it off the table. “

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Jarvis’ obituary states that he “died unexpectedly on September 20 while tending to his boat during a storm”.

“He was lucky enough to win a club keno jackpot a week before Greg died and he was about to collect his earnings,” the obituary said. “His family and friends loved his luck and Greg felt the same … for him it was just enough to get the winning ticket.”


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