Missing Bournemouth dog Raven returns home after two days

Nearly three days after his disappearance and with hope all but lost, a beloved dog has returned home to his relieved owner who was “weeping with happiness”.

Brief sightings of the dog were reported shortly after, but no trace has been found since then, leaving owner Tricia Rutter and her husband “very upset”.

Then, after more than two days without food or water, Tricia was stunned when Raven ran out of her front door just before 1am on Sunday (July 17), completely out of the blue.

She told the Echo: “I’ve stopped crying now but the last few days have been awful.

“My husband and I were at the golf course with food and some of our clothing in search of her for her smell after listening to advice from canine experts.”

With no luck, the couple returned home around 10.30pm on Saturday but left the front door open again on the advice of canine experts and people on social media.

Later, as a deflated Tricia lay in bed, her husband heard a noise and looked around to see Raven run out the front door before “dipping her head in a bowl of water.”

“I was just amazed,” said Tricia. “The advice from experts and complete strangers on the internet really worked – I was skeptical at points, but they nailed it.

“We are so thrilled and you wouldn’t know anything happened to her. She smelled only of forest and needed a big drink. It’s such a relief to know that I can go to work tomorrow and be happy knowing she’s safe.

“I want to thank everyone who shared the appeal, the Echo, the strangers who gave me advice, the supportive comments, everyone. It’s so heartwarming.”

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