More than 400 citizens bitten by stray dogs within a month

  • Medical experts say if dog bites are not treated right away, they can be life threatening.
  • Rawalpindi citizens say stray dogs have become a threat to the population.
  • Citizens say the county council is taking no action against stray dogs despite an alarming increase in the number of dog bite cases in the city.

RAWALPINDI: Stray dogs have bitten more than 400 Rawalpindi residents, making it difficult for children to leave their homes without fear. Geo news Reported on Sunday.

Stray dogs roaming the streets of Rawalpindi have become a threat to citizens. According to the report, there is hardly a street in the city that these “dangerous dogs” are absent from, adding that they attack children and adults alike.

The influx of stray dogs into the city makes citizens fear for their safety, and many people even hesitate to send their children to school in the morning for fear of dog attacks.

According to the report, despite an alarming increase in dog bite cases in the city, the county council is not taking action against stray dogs.

According to the infectious disease contact Dr. Inayat have bitten and injured more than 400 people in Rawalpindi in the past month alone.

Medical experts say that a dog bite can be life threatening if not treated right away.


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