‘Nervous’ Kerry and the captain in the first group final


KERRY Bussian admits to being nervous when he moves into his first group final in 12 years of greyhound training at Group 2 Ipswich Gold Cup (520 m) with Captain Bizarre on Thursday evening.

Captain Bizarre (Fabregas-Alpha Iris) angered hot favorite Orchestrate when he won his Heat of the Cup in 30:47 last week as the winner of nine races comes back to the finals from that coveted box.

“I look at all of these good dogs and all of these top trainers and yeah, I’m nervous,” said Kerry, who trains on 13 acres in Elimbah on the northern outskirts of Brisbane.

Kerry and his 22 year old son Jayden bought Captain Bizarre as three month old pups from breeder Chris Georgiou.

“A friend of mine had heard that Chris was selling part of the litter, so I approached him about buying one,” said Kerry. “We bought him for $ 3,500, took him home, and raised him ourselves with some puppies we bought from the Kleinhans.

“The two, Faster Than Hoot and Hoot Hoot Go, have also won races.”

From the moment Kerry put Captain Bizarre into training, he has constantly improved and improved.

“In everything we’ve done with him, he’s always found something, always better and better,†he said.

The cup win over Orchestrate was strong.

“He really took on Orchestrate in the heat and he’s a really good dog,” said Kerry.

From his chances in the cup final, Kerry hopes for his boxing draw luck if he runs with him in the race.

“I was the last to pick up the box and Jedda (Cutlack) threw himself between the two remaining boxes and I got what was left … box one,” Kerry said.

“He has a good chance in the final if he jumps. You will know he was in the race.

“It’s good to have Extra Malt in the box of two because she’s not a brilliant beginner and hopefully she’ll give us some space early on.

“Captain Bizarre likes to use a little of the track.”

Kerry reports the dog was flat for a day after winning the cup.

“He did shorter distances and that didn’t worry him, but since he was in a cup heat and over a longer distance he was a little flat for a day or two after the race,” he said.

“But I checked him out and he’s not worried. In the run-up to the final, I was worried about what to do with him. “

Kerry and his wife Jodie both work for Queensland Rail, Kerry and son Jayden was given the task of naming their dog.

It’s not the first time for Kerry in the big time.

“I knew Col Bell very well at Queensland Rail and he put me in a dog called Totally Serious many years ago,” said Kerry.

“It cost us $ 900 as a puppy and won $ 100,000. A Publicans Cup winner, he won 20 races at Albion Park when he was trained for the Syndicate by Barry Morris. “


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