Penniless dog finds loving family


Rescue Officer Krista had been called to a house in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. Lying motionless on a cold, tiled porch, Ruby (formerly known as Rosie) knocked on the heavenly door.

The American staffy suffered from a large mass of inflamed tissue protruding from her vulva known as prolapse.

When she finally got the strength to stand, she was limping from a leg injury – her puffy eyes expressed a desperate cry for help.

For more on Ruby’s backstory, read the heartbreaking story of how she came into our care here.

A better place to rest

Fast-forward three months into the future and Ruby’s life is unrecognizable. Instead of sleeping rough on the street, Ruby now enjoys a soft, warm bed lovingly made by her new adoptive mom Jenine.

Jenine laughed. “Ruby sleeps with me on the bed on her special blanket that she mixes with (they are the same color and stains). Some mornings I wake up and hang on the edge of the bed and it takes up the whole room, ”she said.

Ruby’s new life is in stark contrast to her beginnings – unregistered, not de-sexed, and nameless.

Jenine was forced to make a difference

Jenine first heard about Ruby at Easter. “She was on the news. She was doing badly and urgently needed help, ”she said.

“After that, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I thought how lucky she was to get a second chance – then I thought we could be the family that gives her a second chance. “

Jenine called and was on her way to meet the newest member of the family.

Ruby meets her inseparable new sibling

Jenine had mixed feelings the first time they met. She was delighted to finally meet Ruby, but was also sad to see how shy and scared she appeared.

“Her eyes were sore and I could tell that she wasn’t feeling very well. I had brought her a treat and a toy, but when I held it out to her, she was too scared to take it away from me. She was interested in me, but was too scared to touch her. “

Jenine was accompanied by her one and a half year old Staffy Pinky, the meeting of the two dogs was a glimmer of hope.

“As soon as they met, Ruby brightened up and looked happy. It was important that they get along if she was to become part of our family. “

A trip to your new home

7 days later Ruby was on her way to her new life. She was in the back of the car, her nose pressed firmly against Jenine’s neck the whole time.

“She’s surprisingly happy to be in the car. On the way home I renamed Rosie Ruby as she is my precious gem, ”she said.

After arriving at her new home forever, Ruby would now face another test by meeting Jenine’s two sons Ben (21) and Sam (18).

“She has been with us for a month now and has settled in very well. It took some time, but she’s starting to trust the guys, but I’m her favorite person. “

Ruby was slowly starting to build her confidence

From a shy dog ​​that has been completely shut down to one that is now bursting with life and enthusiasm, it is almost incomprehensible to believe that this was the same dog that was given up in Lonsdale three months ago.

After her wounds have healed, Ruby’s personality now has room to develop, Jenine had the privilege of meeting a gentle and loving temperament.

“We love her down to the smallest detail and she is a different girl than the one I met a month ago. She’s starting to feel good physically and mentally. “

“She wakes up in the morning and strokes me, wags her whole body and licks wherever she can,” she said.

Ruby and Pinky are two large couch potatoes

Ruby’s new sister, Pinky, has helped her build confidence. Jenine says she is thrilled to see the duo build such a special bond.

“She loves walks with Pinky, sleeps late on the couch (she snores like a monster and would sleep all day if she could). You and Pinky are the great twins “

“Ruby has a very healthy appetite, nibbling through mountains of food every day, likes to run around the house like a little horse making growling noises while Pinky chases her, with Pinky on her day bed by the window in the sun doze off and she becomes braver every day with new people she meets. “

All of the hours patiently spent grooming, treating, and recovering a dog like Ruby is an arduous but rewarding journey. We’d like to thank everyone who donated generously for their medical bills, rehabilitation, and adoption.

Unfortunately, Ruby’s story won’t be the last, as we keep coming into our care needy animals who need all the help they can get to lead a fair life.

As for Ruby, Jenine says she can’t wait to keep you updated on her journey in a few months.

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