Pet owners love the Feeko dog chew toy from Amazon


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Most dogs will agree that play time is arguably the most important time of the day. But if your pup is an aggressive chewer, finding a toy that will withstand his relentless tugging and chewing will be no easy task. Fortunately, there are products like the Feeko Dog Chew Toy that can help. In fact, this rubber chew toy is so strong that hundreds of pet owners call it “indestructible”.

The secret lies in its high-density rubber material, which makes the bone-shaped toy incredibly durable, flexible and tear-resistant, even during intense doggy tug-of-war. Its sturdy construction not only makes playing more exciting, it also helps your pup break down pent-up energy and builds healthy chewing habits over time. Many buyers found that it doubles as an effective exercise tool and a more convenient way to clean teeth. Additionally, its 15-inch length and textured double-handle design gives medium and large dogs ample space to chew.

Buy it! Feeko dog chew toy, $ 13.59 (orig. $ 15.99);

“This toy is tough … and heavy,” wrote one Amazon buyer. “It’s solid! There is nothing flimsy about it. I have a cane corso, a rottweiler and a jack russell. They tear up every toy I give them or chew it too quickly and hardly has any marks (even after a month of play). Finally a toy that I didn’t waste money on. ”

It even stands up to dogs known to “destroy any chew toy in minutes,” as one reviewer described it, and outperforms similar chews for strength. “I have a super chew,” said another pet owner. “This adorable pit bull can shred or chew just about any ‘durable’ toy presented to her … except this one! Ding Ding ding! We have a winner! It’s big, strong, durable, and pleasantly textured texture to keep you interested and solid. Plus, the design is perfect for her to play alone, with human companions, or with other dogs (if she wants to share). “

One reviewer noted that with continued use, the chew toy helped improve their dogs’ oral health. “My boys, who generally ‘kill’ any toy in five minutes or less, have had this toy for over two weeks and haven’t even put a tooth stain in it,” they explained. “The only thing I noticed is that her teeth have become whiter.”


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