Pet owners urged to be careful after dog dies of extreme heat – NBC Los Angeles


A small dog found on a roadside in Mecca in scorching daytime temperatures was rescued by a Riverside County animal welfare officer and treated for exposure to extreme heat by veterinary personnel, but it could not be rescued, officials said Thursday.

The three-year-old female was spotted on 70 Avenue near Windward Drive at 3 p.m. Wednesday when the thermometer hit 116 degrees, according to the Department of Animal Services.

Spokesman John Welsh said Officer Noah Marquez was in a training session with a new employee, and the couple came across the little dog, who was having a seizure, his body twisting in all directions and acting like he had been hit by a car .

They picked up the pug and took him to the Coachella Valley Animal Campus in Thousand Palms, where veterinary technicians recorded his body temperature at 109.4 degrees.

Welsh said intravenous fluids and ice packs were given to try to lower the dog’s temperature by at least nine degrees, but her condition did not change.

The pug was humanely euthanized. There were no identification tags on the dog.

Officials said the episode highlights the need for pet owners to be extra careful to protect dogs and cats from the baking temperatures associated with the ongoing heat wave.

The head veterinarian of the district Dr. Sara Strongin said that brachycephalic dog breeds – those with short noses and flat faces – are particularly prone to high temperatures because of the way they breathe.

“That includes pugs and bulldogs, boxers and Boston terriers,” said Strongin. “Owners of these breeds should exercise caution when faced with heat warnings.”

You can find more information about taking care of pets on hot days here.


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