Pimm the dog “worked” in Bark’s office before the pandemic. How she got used to WFH

Pimm is no ordinary dog. In fact, you might recognize them… from a Bark catalogue.

Pimm was adopted in 2015 by Stacie Grissom, Director of Content and Communications at Bark, the parent company of pet subscription service BarkBox. Since then, she has spent every moment with her mother.

The 7-year-old Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua Pitbull mix goes to work with Grissom at the Bark office, has joined her in the virtual office at home and has become friends with all of her fellow canines.

Since she has been working from home, Pimm, like her owner, has had to adjust to the new way of living and working. She doesn’t take as many trips into town or see her canine friends anymore, but she still enjoys going for walks.

In this issue of Pets in PR, Grissom discusses how she and Pimm have adjusted to life in a pandemic.

What was it like working from home with your pet?
Bark is probably the most dog-friendly office in the country, so Pimm has walked me to work with me every day since she’s been in my life, since before the pandemic. The pandemic was a bit strange for us at first because she’s used to going to work, riding the subway in her bag and seeing all our friends at work every day and playing with other dogs.

When dogs at Bark interrupt things or step in front of the camera or rustle the pillows on the bed in the background of your Zoom call, it’s just part of the normal day. I spent the same amount of time with her but she was a bit pissed off because she couldn’t see her canine friends.

What new habits has your pet developed since you started working from home?
I took her for a run in the mornings because she is a super high energy dog ​​and has just gotten a little lazier. She is also somewhat antisocial with new dogs. The only dogs she likes are the dogs she used to know.

How would you say that having her around the house has affected your mental health?
We’re used to it now, but at first it was such a strange experience and we were tired of living the same day over and over again. It definitely helps to have another creature to say something to, touch, and tummy rub. I think one of the most beautiful things about dogs is that they wake up every day and say, “Today is the best day.” It doesn’t matter that they have no idea there’s a pandemic going on and terrible things are going on in the world happen.

This is definitely affecting the way I think, because pets remind us to laugh. They like to distract us and break the negative dwell cycle that people can get into. And I think that’s why we love having them around. i am biased But I think dogs are best at it.

You work with dogs and dog products all day. So is Pimm an influencer? And if so, how many followers does she have?
She has 1,000 followers on Instagram (@pimmpup) and that’s because she’s been featured on her a few times Bark’s social media [pages]. So she’s not an influencer, but I would say she’s one of the best dogs for office photo shoots. She will literally do anything for a reward and doesn’t care if there are flashing lights.

HoneDid it stimulate any creative activations?
Yes, she was very happy with us and she actually does a lot of tricks. She breakdances and can sneeze on command. So she’s been in a bunch of different ads just because she’s an agile dog.

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