Pit bull mom makes dog owners bubble with her adorable bedtime ritual

A pit bull (opens in new tab) named Simba has captured the hearts of social media users everywhere after a video of his adorable bedtime ritual went viral on TikTok.

The clip posted by an account called @enchantress.noir (opens in new tab)was viewed nearly 10 million times in just two weeks and has garnered more than 740,000 likes from doe-eyed dog owners around the world.

In the short video, captured on Simba’s 10th birthday, his owner calls out “bedtime” and the well-trained pup happily trots to his (incredibly cozy) dog bed before settling down for the night. But that’s not all.

Then his master puts a blue blanket on him, scratches his cheeks one last time to be on the safe side and then leaves him with his beauty sleep with a parting word “Good night darling… darling”. Simba, the good boy that he is, is just laying down (apart from his tail, which is sticking out at the end of the blanket and continues to wag slightly).

@enchantress.noir (opens in new tab)
♬ Original sound – sorceress (opens in new tab)

Describing the scene as heartwarming doesn’t do it justice in our eyes, and apparently many TikTok users agree. A few commenters kept it simple, with one simply declaring “I love dogs“. Others were less reserved with their reactions, with one person writing: “I feel like crying. This is the best video on the internet – so cute!” Many others were also quick to point out how lucky Simba was to have such a caring owner.

However, some sleep-deprived dog owners couldn’t hide their envy of Simba’s well-rehearsed bedtime routine. And in a separate video (below), which shows him sleeping while snoring lightly and clutching a snuggly rabbit toy, his owner revealed he actually stays in his bed “all night long”.

@enchantress.noir (opens in new tab)
♬ Original sound – sorceress (opens in new tab)

Echoing the sentiments of many people who own energetic pets, one follower said his dogs “won’t be able to understand bedtime,” and another commented, “Man, I wish my dogs did.”

If you’re wondering how to make a dog sleep, our handy guide might be able to teach you a few tips and tricks. Although from the evidence in this video it seems Simba and his owner would be fine without our advice.

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