Pitts: When it comes to COVID, ignorance isn’t happiness, it’s death


Which is unfortunately just right for this country at this time. In the 2000s, Stephen Colbert coined the term “truth” to describe the detachment of the right wing from objective facts, and some of us began to speak of living in an “alternate reality.”

How, we asked ourselves in newspaper columns and speeches, can we have meaningful discourse if we cannot agree on basic facts?

Years later, that concern feels too abstract. The threat is proving to be more urgent and urgent than any of us could have imagined.

Yes, some people live in alternative realities. What is worse, however, is when they have the power to impose these realities on us. We see this in Tennessee and elsewhere, and the results will be tragic as well as predictable and preventable.

Ignorance is happiness, they say. But it is not.

Ignorance is fever.

Ignorance is chills.

Ignorance is breathless.

Ignorance is an empty place at the table, a bedroom suddenly comes free.

Because ignorance is death.

And while the aphorism isn’t true, can you imagine if ignorance would really be lucky? Disney theme parks need to find a new slogan.

Right now, Tennessee would be the happiest place on earth.


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