Plant-based pet food company is paying dog owners more than $6,000 to smell their dogs’ poop

People know that their pet’s poop can reveal a lot about digestion and overall health. Plant-based pet food company Omni offers a filthy pile of money to monitor its pet’s bowel movements. The UK-based pet food company pays dog owners to monitor their pet’s gut and stool odor.

According to the job offers, the company is paying £5,000 ($6,700) to people who smell their dog’s poop for two months. Participants must record the experience of introducing their dog to a plant-based diet by monitoring bowel movements, stool odor, health, energy levels, behavior, and sleep patterns. You also need to be aware of differences in physical characteristics such as weight, skin and coat color.

At the beginning of the two months the dog will receive a general veterinary examination and at the end of the two months another to assess the effects on digestion and general health.

the offer is available to pet owners over the age of 18 who have dogs that are not currently on a plant-based diet.

The company has already received a lot of positive feedback on the diet change, with people reporting that digestion, energy levels and overall health have improved once they adopt a plant-based diet.

Omni also covers all of the costs of transitioning to a plant-based diet, including a free pet food supply and visits to a pet nutritionist.

“As a thank you for your dog’s cooperation and to support the purely plant-based lifestyle, we are also giving the successful candidate a range of sustainable dog toys and vegan treats to keep her four-legged friend happy in between,” it continues Omni.

The company hopes to eliminate the confusion and misinformation about dog nutrition. Many people believe that dogs cannot eat a plant-based diet, but that is far from the truth.

“We hope that by hiring someone who is transitioning their dog to a vet-formulated, plant-based diet – and analyzing the effects the diet is having on their pup, both internally and externally – we can take a further step to prove the benefits it has on the dog’s digestive health and overall health, not least through its poop!”

Applications will be accepted until March 31st. To find out more and to apply for your chance at that stinky gig, stop by Omni’s website.

Sign this petition Telling Petco and PetSmart to stop selling toxic dog food!

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