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Groups help train 4-H members

Through community volunteer fire departments, local writers, dog trainers, carpenters, cooks, naturalists, and many others, Lawrence County 4-H members had the opportunity to see their community “pledge their hands in a greater service” while doing the Educated youth.

Many community members have spent their time sharing their passions and expertise with 4-H members who have similar interests and are working to master their skills through their 4-H projects.

The Lawrence County 4-H Committee hosted Mastery Skill Building Project Clinics for popular project areas. They were looking for experts in the fields of nature, food and nutrition, and woodworking.

Ashley Kuflewski of Wayne National Forest met with members of the Nature Project and taught them about animals in their habitats on a scavenger hunt.
Heidi Evans Clark from Spice of Life Catering offered an afternoon with “All About Eggs”, in which she provided information about how versatile eggs are in the kitchen and what nutritional benefits they have. The youth cooked a full menu of quiche, egg drop soup, French toast, and microwave chocolate cake.

Keith Williams opened his workshop to members of the woodworking community, sharing the importance of safety in the workshop and helping build confidence in their woodworking skills by developing a take-away project.

“Heidi and Keith both grew up in Lawrence County 4-H and turned their project experiences into lifelong hobbies and careers – H doesn’t have to end when their 4-H teenage years are over,” said Lecia Menshouse, member of the 4-H- Committees.

Other 4-H volunteers were also busy creating educational experiences for teenagers. Leslie Milleson offered 4-H members 10 weeks of dog obedience training.

The members meet every week for an hour of practical training with their dog. At the end of the training, the members and their dogs were assessed on their obedience skills. Alex Walker and Mason Campbell took first place in their respective classes.

Pine Creek Mudcats 4-H Club volunteers organized an educational meeting with the Decatur Volunteer Fire Department to teach children about fire safety, and Jennifer Besco, Barn Busters 4-H Club Volunteer, interviewed Vicki Roach, local writer and business owner . for a learning experience for the “Writer in You” project for one of their members.

“There are many exciting 4-H events happening in our county and we are very grateful to the volunteers and community members who make a difference for our youth,” said Rachael Fraley, 4-H educator. “As we are fast approaching the fair, the club members are actively working on completing their projects for 2021. We hope that our supporters will see their finished products at the district fair from July 10th to 17th. Many of these projects will be sold at the 4-H Silent Auction on Friday, July 16th and at the Livestock Sale on Saturday, July 17th. “

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