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Canadian Hall of Fame jockey Gary Boulanger, who had approximately 25,000 starts in his career, won his first Prince of Wales at the age of 53. He wrote to Haddassah’s work on the route last week as a key to his mount. Trainers who take their horses over the mud at Fort Erie for training always seem to have a distinct advantage in this race.

“He really got into the dirt,” said Boulanger. “He showed that he was starting to mature, he was much calmer today, he answered when I wanted to. He showed a lot of determination. “

The slightly racy gelding won for the second time in his fifth race of his career and has shown brilliance, but he stood up for Attard, who won his first Prince of Wales as a conditioner, on Tuesday night.

“This horse has always shown a lot of promise and skill, he just hadn’t built it right,” said Attard. “Of course, as a two year old when he broke his girl last year, we really thought we had a serious contender for Queen’s Plate. It didn’t work, but he’s here today and did the job and we’re really proud of him. “

Two of Attard’s starters in the race finished the Exacta, with Harlan Estate finishing second with 3-1.

“It’s very special, especially when I saw the two of them fight each other and fight to the limit. Obviously one hopes one of them gets there, ideally they meet, â€joked Attard.


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