Promote a Bulldog at Pinelands Brewery


SWEET GIRL: Evee is an English bulldog owned by the founders of Fund-A-Bull.

The nonprofit Fund-A-Bull / Bulldogs in Rescue is holding a fundraiser at Pinelands Brewing Co. in Little Egg Harbor and Bulldogs on Saturday, October 2nd starting at 2:00 pm give separate competition for other races.

Fund-A-Bull was founded by Toni Heater and husband Rich Eschbach in Hamilton. The couple raise money to help with surgical and veterinary expenses that other rescue workers incur when they pick up a rescue bulldog, be it a French, American, or English bulldog.

“Many bulldogs are being rescued because they have health problems that people cannot afford,” Heater said. “They need palate or ear surgeries to help their breathing, tail amputations due to tail pouch infections, and prone to cherry eye and other eye problems. The average cost to rescue a bulldog is $ 2,500. We’re running events across New Jersey and a few in Pennsylvania, and we’ve helped 61 Bulldogs rescue them. “

In the past 15 years, the couple have either groomed or adopted 21 English Bulldogs. “You have great personalities. They are affectionate but stubborn and people say bulldogs have no owners, they have servants. There is a lot of daily maintenance: cleaning the eyes, ears and facial creases and the tail pocket, ”said Heater. “But once you have a bulldog, you can’t go back!”

She will be able to answer any questions about bulldog grooming at the event on October 2nd. –PJ


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