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The City of Bunbury is seeking public opinion on a proposal to convert 1 Zaknic Place into a day care center for pets.

Scout About Pet Care plans to relocate its Doggie Day Care Center from Treendale to East Bunbury to gain more space and further transform Day Care into a Pet Community Center.

The center has three indoor and outdoor play areas for the dogs, which can be used Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

In the proposal, the proponent states that it will offer people with disabilities a visiting service to spend time with the animals.

“We’d also like to coordinate days where people can come by and talk to SAFE Bunbury about adoptions, chat with professional dog trainers, and hopefully get a ranger to talk to people about registrations and dog safety.”

“We would like to work with the City of Bunbury in the future if they would like to use the premises for animal community days. We have the space, so why not use it? “

Regarding general dog management, the proponent said the center “takes pride in” running a day care that provides constant interaction with dogs to avoid annoying barking.

“Dogs are allowed to run and play with each other, that’s not annoying barking. Annoying barking is when a dog stands still (or lies down) and barks for no apparent reason. We don’t allow this and we know how to distract the dog to do this to prevent.”

There is no overnight stay in the day care center.

If approved, the Scout About Doggie Day Care Center will compete closely with neighboring Down South Doggy Daycare on Albert Road.

The relevant submission form and hard copy can be viewed at the City of Bunbury offices.

Submissions for the proposal can be submitted by mail to 4 Stephen Street Bunbury, in person or at [email protected] on or before close of business on Monday, August 9th.

Call Planner Matilda Hodge at (08) 9792 7015 for more information.


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