Rant & Rave: Dog owners show a lack of etiquette, delivery vans populate the streets of Seattle


RANT To all dog owners who are either busy with their phones or just don’t know where their dog is peeing / doing its business. Would you like someone’s dog to pee on your vegetables? Why on earth would you let your dog pee in someone’s vegetable garden ?! Take care of your dogs and be nice to your neighbors who have spent a lot of time growing vegetables for their families.

RAVE to the couple who took the risk and brought two strangers from the Kitsap Forest Theater to the ferry back in Seattle. We wanted to call Lyft, but we didn’t have cellular service.

RANT to day and night, endless stream of UPS, FedEx, Amazon Prime, DoorDash, Lyft, Uber and the hordes of other unmarked vans and vehicles. They stop in the middle of the street and block driveways, zebra crossings and any other place where they can, at their own discretion, deliver or collect packages, groceries and people without worrying about safety, weather, traffic jams or the courtesy of others. This practice has gotten out of hand. Stop it already!

RAVE (precautionary) to the mayoral candidate of Seattle, who promises a citywide education day with the title: “Your blinker: where is it? How is it used properly? â€Our quality of life will improve overnight.

RANT to people who feel they need to take their dogs to overcrowded farmers markets. It’s hard enough just walking through the stalls and enjoying them with all the people gathering around. Trying to maneuver around small, large, and yes even dogs in strollers is absolutely ridiculous. Believe me, your dog doesn’t look happy, especially in the hot sun. Please leave her at home!

RAVE to the University of Washington drive-through coronavirus test! These people are so overwhelmed that so many people show up to test when the other sites close, but they are always friendly, quick smile, helpful with the tests, support kids testing themselves – and turnaround time is on the results so fast! We are so happy to have this important resource available with such a great staff!

WEATHER Complain to the City of Seattle for requesting parking in the parking lot next to the MOHAI. Why does it matter? I was shocked to find a $ 47 “wrong parking” ticket, as well as at least 10 other cars on this small lot. Excite me for pointing this out to someone when they were parking their car so they could avoid a similar ticket.

RAVE To North Seattle First Aid Rescue Workers and UW Medicine Emergency Department staff whose effective CPR and exceptional medical skills saved my husband’s life last month. Meanwhile, they treated me and my family with the greatest kindness.


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