Rescuer of 47 neglected dogs full of hope for their future


Innerkip, Ontario. –

A woman who rescued 47 neglected dogs in Brant County, Ontario. clears up what happened.

Cassia Bryden of Sato Saved End of the Line Dog Rescue says she visited shelter at the request of OPP. She says they were there to respond to a combined medical and psychological problem.

Upon arrival, Bryden says that a person at the residence has agreed to give the dogs to their organization.

“It was me who went into this house and took every single dog out of there and hand-loaded them into boxes,” she told CTV News London during a telephone interview.

A facebook Fundraising Page, created by Bryden, shows photos of the rescued dogs. Some of the pictures show animals with open wounds, mange and other ailments and injuries.

“I am confident that almost all dogs will recover fully physically. Unfortunately, it will be a few weeks before we know some of the long-term psychological harm in some dogs. “

The online fundraiser is already nearing its target of $ 15,000, with nearly $ 12,000 raised by Wednesday noon.

The money raised goes directly to the care of the rescued animals, which in addition to the dogs also include two cats and a turtle.

Bryden says she’s still working on getting three dogs out of the house.

Once everyone is safe, she will work with the dogs along with other agencies. The funds raised will help them.

“I’m going to add a couple of different dog beds that work really well in the kennel. It will somehow keep the dogs awake and get them used not to crouch as much because a lot of the dogs are very nervous right now and we want to make them happy and comfortable. And everyone really got through and helped. “

Bryden hopes the animals will be rehabilitated and adopted in time.

The dogs in the worst condition live with her.

Ten more are at Hillside Kennels near Innerkip, where Bryden works part-time.

CTV News Northern Ontario reports that a large proportion of the remaining animals are now with a Rescue group in Sudburywhile others are believed to be in North Bay with another group.


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