Rising Gas Prices Make San Diego Small Business Owners Face Tough Choices – NBC 7 San Diego

These high gas prices that we are seeing are just the beginning. Many experts say that the rise in prices will be with us for several months, and that could send shivers down the spine of the economy because the more money people spend on gas, the less they have to spend on other things.

“I’ll probably have to start raising my prices,” said mobile groomer Rachel LaFontaine. LaFontaine’s work station is a large pickup truck, complete with a tub, hair dryer, and everything else she needs to spoil northern San Diego County pooches.

LaFontaine says her cost of diesel has nearly doubled since she started her company a year and a half ago. This week’s diesel price is already over $6 a gallon.

“It kind of keeps me up late,” LaFontaine told NBC7, admitting she’s worried about what the future holds.

She hopes her customers will understand if she has to raise prices.

“Either that, or I cut off a lot of my clients who are further away from me just so I don’t have to drive as far,” she said.

Kim Panacek has been known as the Karlovy Vary “flower guy” for 27 years. He hopes his Carlsbad Blvd store still costs 100, but he’s also worried about the price of gas.

His shop, Hey Flower Guy, charges $10 to $15 per delivery, so Panacek says he’ll cover the extra cost for now.

“Hopefully we don’t have to raise our prices because then it makes the arrangement more expensive and people have some budget to spend,” he said.

Both the flower man and the mobile groomer say they’re trying to stay positive, but with every penny that gas prices go up, they say it’s getting harder.

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