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The San Diego Humane Society hopes that their largest year-end gift contest of all time, the Holiday Drive to Save Lives, will inspire San Diegans to support the organization’s lifesaving work this season. Thanks to a generous $ 500,000 grant from the Resource Partners Foundation, donations to the San Diego Humane Society will be doubled through December 31 to provide twice the safety of shelter, life-saving veterinary care, and rescue from cruelty for the coming 40,000+ animals and neglect to offer year.

The donations raised during the Holiday Drive to Save Lives will enable the San Diego Humane Society to offer care beyond that offered in traditional animal shelters – including advanced veterinary medicine, a kitten nursery, and behavioral and training program. These programs help San Diego County stay healthy and treatable animals from the shelter in euthanasia, and give pets like Poki, the dog pictured above, the second chances they deserve.

Poki was ceded to the San Diego Humane Society in April 2021 by a family who bought him as a puppy on Craigslist and couldn’t look after him. The San Diego Humane Society team immediately recognized that Poki was resource-conserving behavior and fearful of people. “Poki hid in his box and growled and asked the trainers to stay away,” said Amanda Kowalski, director of behavioral programs for the San Diego Humane Society. “The dedicated trainers and zookeepers at our state-of-the-art behavior center worked with Poki daily for four months, helping him overcome his behavioral challenges and be ready for life in a loving home.”

“In communities that cannot provide adequate behavioral support, many dogs like Poki face the heartbreaking possibility of euthanasia,” said Brian Daugherty, SVP of the San Diego Humane Society and director of philanthropy and communications. “That’s why our behavior and training program is such an important part of how we save lives. And that’s why our Holiday Drive to Save Lives is so important. Poki is a perfect example of the specialized care we can provide to animals at the San Diego Humane Society because of the generosity of our community. “

The Resource Partners Foundation’s $ 500,000 match is the biggest match the San Diego Humane Society has ever had. To donate and double your contribution, visit or text “holidaydrive” to 50155 before December 31st.


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