Sick dog left to death on empty property is now on the way to recovery ::


A dog was dumped on Fanny Brown Road in Wake County on Sunday and believed dead, but luckily someone was in the right place at the right time.

A witness saw a person throw the dog from a black Audi onto the floor and immediately took the dog to the ambulance.

The dog is much better now.

“She looked in bad shape when she came to see us,” said Tiffany Hemphill, vet nurse. “We went ahead and had them start with IV fluids and pain relievers and antibiotics.”

Experts believe the French bulldog recently had a litter of puppies and is suffering from a viral infection. She was found with evidence of previous surgery.

“She has necrotic mastitis, she had a lot of dead tissue that was just hanging,” said Hemphill. “She looked like she’d been seen in a hospital. Her front legs were shaved, and one of her front legs had a veterinarian’s bandage on, so she’d probably only been seen recently.”

The dog has had one operation and there are several left. Unfortunately, there is no telling what her recovery will be.

“Unfortunately, at no point in time are there any promises [but] with medicine, but we think as long as she has been able to do all the operations and everything and nothing else shows up, she should be fine. “

The bitch will be put up for adoption once she has fully recovered. The vet nurse wants to remind people that there are better options for pet owners who can no longer care for their pet.

Those looking to get rid of a pet are encouraged to do that Wake County ASPCA or Wake County Animal Services. You can make a donation to the Veterinary Medicine Foundation here.


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