Someone tries to make “The Office Bod” into a thing and just stops

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People who return to the office after a year from home worry about their “office body” and just, no

This could be a good time to remember that so far your body has got you through a global pandemic that has literally killed millions of people and made millions more very sick. Now that the COVID-19 situation is in a more hopeful place thanks to widespread vaccines (which not everyone is getting, which means a new variant was allowed to be developed that jeopardizes our previous advances, but I’m digressing) people on their way back to the office. Tons of American employees have been working from home since the pandemic began, and now the office is making a comeback. But you know what we are Not let something become? The office organ.

Not today, satan. To be honest, never.

That’s right – some people stare down when they return to the office and instead of just mourning their future loss of extra free time from being unable to commute and work without a bra, they panic that they gained some weight during a scary one Pandemic. Love this trip for us. According to Bloomberg, the “office body†is definitely in the minds of employees and really shouldn’t be. I mean, haven’t we been through enough this year?

“Americans who have settled down on high-calorie comfort foods are desperately trying to lose weight for the perfect office body,” explains the publication. “Memberships in the gym have increased, personal trainers are booked and the digital subscriptions from WW, the former Weight Watchers company, were 16% higher than last year at the end of the first quarter.”

Pooh. That just makes me sad. I understand that I want to feel good and be healthy, but the idea of ​​someone feeling leaner before going back to work in person after the past 16 months only makes me cry.

So many great things just happen when we get “normal” again, and when we put on the pressure to lose weight it feels like we’re mean to ourselves, doesn’t it? This is how families adapt after months and months of life. Getting used to commuting again, leaving the poor dog at home after a year of being together, and getting back into office politics is enough stress, thank you. It’s also about the ongoing pandemic. So while we try not to get sick with a still-spreading plague at work, we shouldn’t also have to think about how our tummies fit in a pair of pants. If humanity has ever deserved a bloody break and an office dress code that allows leggings, it is now.

We literally don’t have to do this to ourselves. There is nothing wrong with feeding your body healthy nourishment and moving it around to make you feel great, but putting pressure on ourselves to have a certain shape when we get back to work after a pretty wild year, is just cruel. If you think that way now, I invite you to be kind to yourself. This office is going to get every body you give it, and if you need to buy some bigger pants (or some very professional looking stretch pants) then so be it.


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