SparKy has a new home


September 20 – SparKy – Saving Paws Animal Rescue of Kentucky – has a new home at 1004 E. 18th St.

Records in the Daviess County’s property appraisal administrator’s office show that the organization purchased the 1,266-square-foot building last month for $ 107,000.

“We’re very excited,” said SparKy President John Austin this week. “We have always used the foster home for dogs and cats. There is much to be gained there. And we will continue to do so. But we need a permanent headquarters and an office.”

With the new facility, the organization can start its Sheltered Start program.

Austin said SparKy will be able to “take in a pregnant bitch and have her and her pups repaired after birth. And we can find a home for them. But people need to realize that we’re not ready to start our website – – for updates. We hope it will be very soon. “

Dogs and cats that are not neutered or neutered continue to have more puppies and kittens, resulting in a homeless pet population in the community, he said.

“We have to slow down even more,” said Austin. “If space and money weren’t a problem, we could handle many times what we are processing now.”

He said SparKy, a no-kill shelter, had its best year in 2020 despite COVID.

Austine said, “We adopted about 300 dogs last year – most of all time. We have adopted more than 2,000 since we started. “

He estimated that the organization “took care of probably 350 dogs in the last year”.

Some of the local dogs go to the Green River Correctional Complex in Muhlenberg County for the Death Row canine program.

The program’s website states, “This name was originally given to our program to give these dogs a second chance at a new life. DRD has been running since 2004. The program started with 24 dogs in each class. Over the years, the number has decreased and there are now 12 dogs per class. The dogs in the program are housed with two inmate trainers who are responsible for their needs and training for the 12 week program. “

Austin said, “Honestly, back in March last year when COVID started, I was concerned that we would be inundated with dogs that people were bringing with us. But we had several people from Chicago, Northern Ohio, and Tennessee who went here to pick up dogs who were thrilled to have them. We examined them and they were good pet owners. “

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