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Elliana Richards, 3, (left) from St. Louis, and Liliana Neighbors, 4, from Shiloh, Ill., Love to play with puppies that were moved from the APA Adoption Center to the Purina Pet Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital on Friday, March The hospital has partnered with Purina and the APA to get the kids to pet the puppies in honor of National Puppy Day. Photo by Hillary Levin, [email protected]

Hillary Levin

St. Louis is a great place to live – at least if you are a pet.

According to WalletHub, the website for personal finance, our Messeburg has once again made its way into the top 10 “Best Pet-Friendly Cities” in the USA.

This year, the city took 6th place, two places more than in 2019.

We made it into the top 20 in two of the three main categories:

• No. 16 in Health-Wellness: number of veterinarians, trainers and supervisors; dog friendly restaurants, hotels, and shops; Day care centers and boarding houses for pets; pet-friendly rental space; and animal welfare laws.

The wellness category also looked at the number of shelters per capita that we were number 2 in in the country, behind San Diego.

• No. 18 in the pet budget: costs for veterinarians, animal keepers and insurance premiums.

We’ve given in a bit when it comes to the friendliness of outdoor pets, ranking 39th out of 100 cities. This category looked at weather, dog parks, parking lots, dog-friendly hiking trails and dog shows.

We were the leaders among our metropolitan neighbors: Cincinnati (8); Nashville, Tennessee (34); Louisville, Kentucky (42); Indianapolis (43); Kansas City, Missouri (46); Memphis (47); and Chicago (64).


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