Summer, an emotional support dog, will die and their owner (a college student) will be lost if cannot help them get the continued lifelong support needed to keep them alive – You can help


EUGENE, OR, June 18, 2021 / 24-7PressRelease / – A few days ago, Christina Cross, a law student at the University of Oregon and owner of Summer, realized Summer’s lethargic attitude and unwillingness to eat or drink lately in a medical emergency. She had to drive them about 40 miles to the only 24-hour veterinary clinic in the area (Willamette Veterinary Hospital in Corvallis) to try to save Summer’s life.

When Summer was examined and examined by the doctors, she was very ill and could have died without treatment. After several hours of testing and observation, the vet at the hospital didn’t have very good news for Cross. Summer was diagnosed with Addison’s disease and had to be hospitalized for at least 48 hours. The cost of hospitalization alone was thousands of dollars, with ongoing monthly medical costs estimated at the low to medium hundreds of dollars per month.

With all the emotions they thought their beloved Summer would die without being admitted to the veterinary clinic; But with only a few dollars in her name, this hard-working college student with stifling student loans and no income made the easy decision to seek treatment and rescue for Summer. The pressure that this situation exerted at the time was more than many people could bear. An impossible financial decision came about, but Cross didn’t hesitate to let it in. However, the hospital asked for a $ 1,500 deposit just to start rehydrating Summer so she wouldn’t die of dehydration.

Cross was able to cobble together the $ 1,500 from friends and family over a text that was a desperate plea for help. It took a few more hours to answer people’s questions, sadness and shock while Summer was just sitting at the veterinary clinic and not receiving treatment until the hospital received a notification of their $ 1,500 deposit and they secured it. Cross’ family is not wealthy; neither are people in this circle sharing their financial troubles, but in this case the situation was too much and several people near Cross dug deep into their squat pockets to save Summer from death. The $ 1,500 deposit has been deposited.

Summer would die without thousands of dollars. Broke and with overwhelming student debt, this hard working college student set up a GoFundMe page to get money. Asking for help this way is something Cross never thought she would. But with the thousands of dollars Vet Hospital might be entitled to before they were discharged and hundreds of dollars in the future in monthly veterinary bills, Cross swallowed her pride and got the fundraiser going because otherwise it would be impossible to get to support their beloved summer through their lifelong illness. is making a donation for this cause and we are doing what we can to keep car enthusiasts informed; Car Property Real estate and business owners who use and anyone else who feels their heart. We donate anonymously.

Complications occurred at the veterinary clinic and additional treatment was required to stabilize Summer. Again, Cross did not hesitate to approve the additional cost of treatment that Summer required.

What’s the status of Summer now and how was she doing at the veterinary clinic? Summers GoFundMe page has their status updates and they are kept up to date by Cross.

Summer background from the original GoFundMe post:

Hello everybody,

If you know me, you will know my best friend Summer. She is my 3 year old baby aka Aussiedoodle. Summer is the cuddliest, friendliest dog out there and needs help.

Summer has had mysterious symptoms her entire life and this weekend she is fighting for her life. I’m raising funds to cover Summers’ hospital stay and a month of follow-up treatment. My happy, cute baby was diagnosed with Addison’s disease, which requires lifelong care. She is currently in the state her body started to shut down, so the vet is working to stabilize her. Once stabilized, Summer is given daily medication and requires monthly vet appointments and special injections to stay alive. With appropriate medical care, she will lead a normal life.

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My plea: If you know me, you will know that summer is my everything. Summer is my emotional support animal. Most people aren’t aware of this, but when I was 17, I was sexually abused by a male doctor in his 40s who was both my colleague and my physical therapist. This attack left me with a pretty significant PTSD. The legal case where I’m known as Jane Doe dragged on for years and almost broke me. In one of my toughest times, towards the end of the case, I got buzzer. It is my reminder that things can get better and my love on days when it is hard to feel and my security when I am afraid. I can’t lose it.

If you have anything left please help. If you can share this page please share.

Many Thanks,
Christina (summer’s human mother)
Link for more information on Addison’s disease:… revention /

PS If I could afford this, there is no way I would ask for help

PPS Any amount in excess of what is needed for their hospitalization goes straight to the veterinarian to pay for their lifelong monthly tests and injections.


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