We all know that allowing pets in the office creates an overall better place to work. During the pandemic, many people worked from home and experienced firsthand the benefits of working with their pets – including reducing stress and improving overall health and wellbeing. And many of these employees don’t want their daily contact with their pet to end.
When the new normal hits and people return to the office, can they bring those pandemic puppies or the COVID kitten they adopted during the pandemic?
One thing is certain. for those who can still work from home, Take Your Dog To Work Day will continue to be celebrated and enjoyed every day!
If you’re still working remotely with your furry companion and the garden is your office these days, Trupanion, a leader in pet health insurance, has five pet-friendly garden safety tips to keep everyone safe … and productive, especially while hot summer months this time.
1. Keep the plants and flowers animal-friendly
It’s the great outdoors, so your pets may want to explore. For this reason, you should do a little research on the best pet friendly plants for your garden.
* Beware of lilies, sago palms, tulips, daffodils, and oleanders as they are harmful to pets. The last thing you want is an unexpected visit to the vet with your best friend.
2. Provide a place to rest and play
A pet friendly yard is a great way to allow adventure, play, and relaxation for your best friend.
* Consider providing your pet with items such as a cover or awning over their pet bed, fan, and outdoor toys.
3. Watch out for toxic landscaping
Consider keeping your pet indoors and out of your lawn for at least 24 hours after fertilizing the area.
* Some of the chemicals found in fertilizers can have long-term effects on your pet. Plus, there are several eco-friendly lawn options that can help keep an eye on your furry friend.
4. Keep an eye out for pesky pests
Fleas and ticks can show up at any time, even in your own garden.
* Consider providing relief to your furry friend with a year-round preventive. You don’t want the stress of a flea infestation or Lyme disease for your best friend.
5. Make sure there is sufficient moisture
Water is incredibly important to dogs of all ages. Whether you’re lounging outside or enjoying a toss game, your pet’s overall health depends on proper hydration.
* Consider providing fresh water in several areas of the yard. Also, for enrichment, add items like a water fountain for extra stimulation during playtime.
Trupanion has always had dogs (and cats) as part of their job. In fact, having our dogs at work is part of our DNA and a great reminder of why we come to work every day – to help loving, responsible pet owners budget and care for their pets.