The Bayfront Convention Center hosts canine competitions for the Erie Kennel Club

The Bayfront Convention Center was the hangout for dog lovers on January 29th.

The American Kennel Club will be in Erie for various dog competitions over the weekend.

The Bayfront Convention Center will take center stage throughout the weekend, with attendees from around the world competing for the highest honors and titles.

A landscape of dogs filled the Bayfront Convention Center on January 29 for the Erie Kennel Club canine competitions.

The organization reached a milestone by having the most dogs in the history of the convention center since the first show in 2009.

1,267 entries will compete representing 156 breeds of all dogs as they compete in the exciting events.

“We have confirmation, we have obedience, we have rally events, we have a puppy competition today that’s at three o’clock. Tomorrow at two-thirty we have a puppy competition for puppies four to under six months old and everyone is working hard to earn titles and awards for their dogs,” said Jeanne Stiner, Erie Kennel Club Show Chairperson.

Not only are those from Erie and surrounding cities hard at work, competitors from other countries are also eyeing the prize.

“We’re actually Canadians, so we’re here for an American championship. That’s why he competes as an Open Dog instead of a Champion. That’s what we’re working towards, but he’s already won a lot of things in Canada,” said Hailey Griffith, competitor from Niagara-Ontario, Canada.

The competitions here on January 29 include small and large dogs.

“We are in breeding. We do breeding and we also do obedience and rally. You have to practice obedience stuff first of all. You really have to practice so they know what they’re doing,” said Donna Rollins, competitor.

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The training that the dogs participate in for competitions varies by breed. One competitor notes that some dogs are easier to train than others.

For more information on joining the Erie Kennel Club to start your canine competition journey, click here.

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