The bizarre duty Jack Quaid had on the set of The Boys season 2

In Season 2 of The Boys, fans finally get to know a character from the comics who hasn’t been adapted by the show yet – Billy Butcher’s dog, Terror. Of course, dogs that are trained to be in front of the camera have cues and specific words to get them to perform the necessary actions, and the action Terror had to perform in particular was bucking a stuffed pig, at least according to Jack Quaid in a recent interview with SyFy.

Quaid explained that for some reason he was the only person who could give the dog his cues so the dog could perform the action. He added that the verbal trigger was the word “b***r.” The actor laughed after noting that somewhere in the behind-the-scenes footage for The Boys season 2, there’s definitely a video of him repeatedly shouting the word to the dog playing terror.

Given that the dog’s trainers can’t be present in the scene during filming, it makes sense that they let Quaid do the actual clue for the dog himself. Forget the fact that it’s a pretty fun thing to think about seeing some behind-the-scenes footage. Either way, we’re sure to have more crazy stories from the cast of The Boys when the press for Season 3 gets underway soon.

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