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Do you prefer light or significant dogs for dog owners? Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Large dogs are better hugged or used as guard dogs, while small dogs are chosen because they save space, don’t waste food, and tend to live longer.

If you prefer a small dog, a corgi dog will suit you. What are the privileges and characters? Let’s get closer Corgi!

1. Origin from Wales, United Kingdom

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This little dog hails from Pembrokeshire, Wales, United Kingdom. From here the full name of this dog is taken. Corgi has the full name Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Even more uniquely, according to a legend believed by Welsh residents, Corgi dogs are said to emerge from the nests of fairies and elves!

According to legend, two children were in the field tending the cattle. Suddenly they found some puppies. They thought the dog was a fox. When they were brought home, their parents told them it was a gift from the fairies that live in the fields.

2. Identical to white and brown

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Recognizing Corgi dogs is so easy. This dog has easily identifiable physical features such as brown and white hair, oval and dark brown eyes, a fox-like head shape, a black muzzle, and erect ears. There are 3 colors recognized by the United Kennel Club namely Red & White, Sable & White and Tricolor.

Of course, Corgi dogs are born with short legs. Also, corgis usually have a short tail or no tail at all. The average size of a Corgi dog is 25-30 cm with an average body weight of 11-14 kg. The fur is thick and soft, which makes the corgi pleasant to pet!

3. Can live up to 12-15 years!

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According to research, small dogs live longer than large dogs. This also applies to corgis. This dog can live up to 12-15 years. Despite this, corgis are true achondroplastic, or dwarf, dogs. Therefore, the size of his height can cause certain hereditary health problems.

Normally, Corgi suffer from monorchidism, hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy and progressive retinal atrophy up to Von Willebrand’s disease. Corgis are also prone to obesity due to their high appetites. Overweight dogs are at risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure. Take good care of your dog, yes!

4. Is a cheerful and very active dog

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You could say Corgi is a very active and energetic dog. He has a loving nature, likes to get involved in the family and follows his owner everywhere. Corgi is a type of dog that needs and wants to be noticed. Therefore, having a Corgi is not recommended if you are an active person.

In addition, Corgi has a great desire to please its owner. No wonder this dog is so studious and easy to train. In addition, Corgi dogs are also child-friendly and are very happy to meet new people. This trait makes Corgi popular and used as a favorite family dog.

5. Classified as an intelligent dog

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Corgis are known for their intelligence, quick learning and strong will. In addition, Corgi is also very social, fun and affectionate. The level of intelligence can be characterized by the number of repetitions it takes for a dog to learn a new command, says site The Smart Canine.

No wonder Corgi is classified as a “bright dog” by Stanley Coren Ph.D., a psychologist and dog observer. Corgis can learn new commands with as little as 5-15 repetitions, while other dogs need 25-40 repetitions. This means Corgis learn 5-8 times faster than other dogs.

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Small cayenne pepper! Who knew this little dog could herd livestock? The size of the cattle is several times larger than its body. Although corgis are more of a family pet now, their instinct to herd livestock is still there, explains the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America website.

Corgis are intelligent herding dogs. His small stance is an advantage. Its short stature allows it to duck under the body of cattle, while accidental kicks often hit larger livestock dogs. In addition, Corgis are also agile and run agile.

7. Is Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite dog

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Corgi dogs have a special place in the royal family! This dog became a favorite of Queen Elizabeth II, you know! Queen Elizabeth II received her first Corgi dog from her father, King George VI, in 1933. Queen Elizabeth loves corgis and has owned more than 30 corgis since becoming Queen of the Commonwealth in 1952.

In 2015, Queen Elizabeth II stopped breeding corgis to leave nothing behind if she later died. His last Corgi, Whisper, died in April 2018. The Queen has not had a Corgi dog since Whisper died. So sad!

Well, those are 7 fun facts about Corgi, a small, short-legged dog that’s always cheerful. How interested in maintaining it?

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