The deaf dog does not let a handicap hold him back while she dazzles in the Greatest Showman routine

Aleka, a mixed breed dog, was rescued and brought back before Anna and Ben Rimbey of Minnesota, USA adopted her and turned her into a disc dog champion

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Deaf Dog shows amazing circus audition skills

A deaf dog rescued from under a house is now a trickster champion who wows fans with her amazing routines.

The three-year-old Cattle Dog mix stunned TikTok viewers after recreating a Greatest Showman scene while wearing a purple tutu.

Her owner and founder of Lucky Mutt Dog Training, Anna Rimbey, wore a red jacket and top hat like Hugh Jackman in the hit movie and held five purple frisbees for Aleka to catch.

In the clip with the headline “Anna and our deaf dog Akela’s application for the circus”, the rescue dog stole the show with her impressive slalom, backflip and rebound jump from her owner’s body – and didn’t miss a single disc.

The puppy, who lives in Minnesota, USA, was the 2018 Minnesota Disc Dog Champion as Anna loves to take her seven “Fairly Odd Dogs” to participate in shows like Frisbee, Agility, Flyball and Dock Diving.

Aleka may be deaf, but that doesn’t stop her from putting on a great show


TikTok @fairlyodddogs)

And viewers were impressed with her “greatest show,” which she called “literal magic,” and many suggested they apply for America’s Got Talent.

The deaf dog was rescued as a puppy found under a house with its mother and littermates, and was quickly adopted but returned to the rescue – when trainers Anna and Ben took her to their pack.

She now lives with six other ‘Fairly Odd Dogs’ named Zoey, Jonsi, Mavis, Joy, Betty and Suzi.

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Zoey was Anna’s first dog rescued from a Texas storm and brought Ben and Anna into competitive sports. At one point she was incredibly overweight at 72 pounds, and when they did a research on the general health of pets, they took Zoey to exercise and a much healthier 45 pounds.

While Jonsi was Ben’s first puppy, Mavis, nicknamed Mavis Mayhem, was the fourth dog to join the pack after being rescued from a drainage ditch.

Joy, her latest addition, was rescued from a dog fight ring as a puppy, and Betty and Suzi were also rescued.

The pack has 21.9,000+ Instagram followers showing off all of their fabulous tricks.

Aleka is one of Anna and Ben’s seven talented dogs


TikTok @fairlyodddogs)

But Aleka and her Fairly Odd Dogs aren’t the only talented pups on the internet because a poodle named Toffy learned how to ride a scooter.

Now he amazes Londoners every time he does spotted driving a scooter in the city center.

Toffy learned to drive his scooter at home with the help of his owner, who pulled him on it with a piece of string.

But the clever dog quickly learned to ride alone, with both of his front paws on the handlebars, and was soon seen sliding through the streets.

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