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I can’t believe we’re only getting an 8.7% increase in our Social Security next year. More than half of this increase is canceled out by the heating oil costs for our house alone. Almost all of the rest of the increase will be wiped out by increases in electricity costs and gasoline. Grocery costs, taxes and other increases in the cost of living destroy our budget. Thank you Biden and the Democrats for wiping out retirees.

Rick M

After watching the cover of The Mercury Thursday featuring the Pottstown Homecoming King in a dress, I checked my calendar and it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke.


Last week I met Bill Krause (Mr. Pottstown). I always mention what happened to our once great city. He just looked at me and said, “The world has changed.” I pointed out that Phoenixville and Boyertown are moving forward and reinventing their cities. It must be hard for a man who’s seen the best of Pottstown to know what’s going on now.

When Joe Biden or AOC or John Fetterman or Madeleine Dean or Chrissy Houlahan or Josh Shapiro talk about climate change, have you ever noticed that they never even mention an expert? Never. They usually make a blanket statement like “all experts”. OK, so name one. You would think that all kinds of experts would be household names, but they aren’t. I can name a number of experts who dispute man-made climate change.


Why is the Pottstown Homecoming King wearing a dress? A statement on gender identity? Pissing off the high school leaders? Maybe. Regardless, school leaders are unable to comment for fear of being labeled racist. Congratulations Adam Green!

John “Shotgun” Fetterman showed off his “closed captioning” device, which he uses to communicate with others, in an interview with NBC. It was evident during the interview that someone was giving him answers through the computer monitor. He read the answers. In this way, his campaign Dr. debate oz.

Ruth’s mother

I do not get it. Democratic politicians and the people who vote for them completely ignore the border crisis, the inflation crisis, the fentanyl crisis, the crime crisis, the sovereign debt crisis, the energy dependency crisis, the FBI corruption crisis, and the Joe Biden mental health crisis. “Ignore them and they go away” is not a visible strategy to make America great again.


To the person who said Oz scammed people with fake weight loss drugs. If true, it’s a felony. Did you have evidence and did you report it to the police or drug commission? You would have to swear under oath that your allegations are true. Oz would have been investigated. He said the weight loss pills he recommends aren’t for everyone. Is what you’re saying from The Three Stooges or from a campaign ad?

With the mess of our Pennsylvania 2020 election, are you still confident in the rearview mirror that this year will be a fair and honest election? Has our Attorney General given everyone confidence that this will be a legitimate and unbiased election? Is everything tidy and on the right track? For me the answer is no, sorry.

H. John

Hope everyone had a great Indigenous Peoples Day! i know i did it There are about 30 Italian saints and other luminaries of Italian descent, but they choose a slave-trading Indian killer and a man who never set foot in North America to honor him. This isn’t your inheritance, folks. I choose Nancy Pelosi and Dr. Fauci out for you. It was my pleasure!

left handed

God always gives you a second chance…because God enjoys seeing you fail.

Bill Wilson

Commentators fail to realize that while they defend their party with claims the other party is hypocritical, most of the time the same argument can easily be flipped to show that they are also hypocritical. No party has the monopoly to be a hypocrite.


Tina Aldez says, “…Mastriano…is for liberty and liberty….” Unless you’re gay and want to marry another gay man. Your opinion on gay marriage doesn’t matter. It’s about someone else’s freedom. Or you vote against Mastriano’s election. He reserves the right to invalidate your vote. In any case, he is for freedom and the freedom to enforce his demands.

Josh Shapiro is very good at presenting himself as “moderate,” but he’s an extremely radical progressive Democrat. He advocates abortion until birth. He supports Biden’s lavish spending. He pushed through Tom Wolf’s Covid mandates for care homes that sentenced thousands of our loved ones to death. He will do anything to undercut the 2nd Amendment. After all, do you ever hear him talk about liberty and liberty?

Michael Star

Hello, John Fetterfrankenstein and my monstrous Liberal Democrat friends here. Our monster porridge will freeze your blood and raise your taxes with our reckless spending. And to scare you even more, we’ll release convicted criminals, legalize weed, and give addicts needles. To give you even more nightmares, maybe we’ll see each other again after the election: Bwahaha, Happy Halloween!

Solid bowl

NBC News’ Dasha Burns reports that John Fetterman couldn’t understand conversations without subtitles. This is a real problem for a senator because there are no subtitles in the senate. But a bigger problem is that John Fetterman would rather hug a criminal than a hard-working Pennsylvanian.

Jan Batdorf

Patriot54, you definitely live in the land of appearances. Fake gas prices, food prices and basically everything you buy are normal. Dogs have a right to live, babies don’t, and they deserve to be murdered. Vote red and make America great again!


Lefty, what do Bill Wilson and Jim Fitch have to do with Dementia Joe’s election victory? You get as delusional/confused as your “worst president ever” Biden. Maybe you and Biden can see the same mental health doctor and try to remember each other’s names. You two remind me of Laurel and Hardy. Get well soon!


Looks like we’re in big trouble. Remember Joe Biden nearly two years ago when he said inflation was ephemeral and now it’s going crazy and out of control? Now Biden says it will only be a “small recession”. Interpreted this means that it will be a depression.


Retiree: The facts in my post about pro-life advocate Mark Houck are correct. The alleged shove incident occurred in Philadelphia. The local authorities (Philadelphia PD and DA) did not investigate and have not filed any charges. That the DOJ indicted Houck for violating the Federal FACE Act almost a year later does not change the actions of local authorities. Don’t become a professional fact-checker. You’re not very good at it.

Robert Minninger

Mastriano supports “school choice” and calls for the abolition of property taxes and cuts in education spending. Mastriano’s campaign has a page called The Plan, which does not provide details on where most of the school’s funding would come from. Can a Republican please explain how this is supposed to work because his campaign office can’t?

Just a pensioner

Now I see that (un)Patriot54 is really getting there… instead of focusing on the real issues like high gas prices, inflation, crime or wide open borders – all of which are unjustifiable, we grab Dr. Oz by calling him a “dog killer.” The Democrats are masters at digging the deep to dig dirt on their opposition. Of course, if you have absolutely nothing positive under your administration to point out, you have no other options.

freedom fighter

When you vote, remember this: America had a booming economy, low gas prices, a secure border, and the strongest military in the world. And the Demoncrats erased everything in less than two years!

J dog

My favorite “Observer” – as you sit in your rocking chair on your deck and watch the pigeons soar overhead, all I ask is that you continue to stare open-mouthed as you marvel at the beauty of their lean, aerodynamic bodies. I can only pray that one of them will richly bless you with a dropped gift from on high that you so richly deserve.

Shirley Huck

You gotta give it to Biden, he sure can turn a set. In Maryland, Biden said, “Everyone likes those two words: Made in America.” No, that’s not a typo, that’s what our president said. Little did I know that common core math was taught in the 1940s and 1950s.

Billy G

I’m trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle, so now I park my car and go in to buy donuts instead of using the drive-thru.

Jim Fitch

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